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Agrishop has been an integral part of the Western Australian agriculture supply industry since the early 1990’s.  We have grown to be one of Western Australia’s major supplier of products for market gardens.  First opened as Growers Rural in Canning Vale, the huge demand for Agricultural supplies and management in Western Australia soon saw us outgrow these premises. 


We moved our operation to Nicholson road in Forrestdale and built a huge facility which would give access to the public through Growers Agrishop.  The ethos behind Agrishop is a simple one – to supply range and quantities of agricultural grade products  to the general public at similar prices as some of the mainstream products that you see in some of the more well known establishments.


Whether you are a home gardener or contractor you can take advantage of bulk sizes often at similar prices as you would pay elsewhere for much smaller quantities.  Our premises offer huge parking facilities for even the biggest truck or trailer with the ability to load your vehicle at the front door.

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