Maximise Your Pastures

Good management of your pastures relies on timing,  preparation and the use of the correct products.  At Agrishop we have taken years of experience to develop a program and products to ensure that your pastures remain in great shape all year round.

Eliminate as much old pasture and weed population as possible.

Preparation 7-10 days.

Eliminate old pasture by spraying with Roundup 7-10 days prior to seed bed preparation.

To prepare the best seed bed, we recommend the use of a mechanical rotary hoe or offset disc.

150mm deep cultivation is recommended to allow the best chance for growth. Ensure that you go over the area with drag harrows to create furrows for seed.

Spread Fertiliser and Seed

It is important to allow new establishing grasses and clovers the best start by ensuring there is enough nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium available. Phosphorous is particularly important for root establishment and growth (We would recommend Histart).  For the southern outer metropolitan area through to Serpentine Pinjarra use a pasture mix with perennial clovers and rapidly establishing annual and perennial rye grasses (We would recommend Serpentine Pasture Mix).

Incorporate seed & Fertiliser

Seed can be incorporated by turning drag harrows upside down or by dragging an old farm gate.  The aim of this is to level out furrows and to push the seed and fertiliser into the soil resulting in a level ground.

Irrigate if possible, fertilise again after 4 weeks

Irrigation will produce the best results. Irrigate at 6am, 11am and 5pm for 15 minutes each time. Don’t allow the top 20mm of soil to dry out. Fertilise after 4 weeks with Super Pasture Boost.

If planting without irrigation,  plant when daytime temperatures are decreasing and there is a good forecast of rain.

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